Incremental release system allows small pieces of development to be deployed at once. It also allows removing these pieces easily, for example in case if feature is no longer required.

Records could be removed from Config database by using a set of deletion stored procedures. Each Config object has insert, update and delete stored procedure. E.g. use [dbo].[dv_hub_insert] stored procedure to insert a new hub, and [dbo].[dv_hub_delete] to remove it. Deletion stored procedure has only one input parameter which is a record key.

Objects should be removed in the reverse order they were built due to foreign key dependencies.

Note that schedule record cannot be removed if it is active. Cancel the load for table first, and then you will be able to back it out.

Use the following script to create a list of deletion statements for configuration objects of same release number:


If any tables have been physically created in the Data Vault, these tables should be deleted manually.

This script should be used only with those releases where new records have been added as opposed to record changes. This script will not reverse a change for record, but will prepare a deletion statement for that record.