Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) is a virtual machine at AWS.

AWS provide a number of tutorials for working with EC2.  The following is a good place to start:



  1. The EC2 launches with an SSH key.  Be sure that you have the matching key, which you’ll need as a PPK file.  The keys are on dropbox at \\Dropbox\MagnumBI\Support It\Environments\<account>\Keys\ .  Instructions for making a PK from the PEM that AWS provides are on the AWS website.  Several of our accounts have several keys, which out of necessity have somewhat similar names.  Double check.
  2. Several of OptimalBI’s AWS accounts have multiple VPCs.  Make a note of which VPC you would like to use.  Generally, only one of these VPCs has a bastion host configured.  You should use the VPC with the bastion host unless you have good reason to do otherwise.
  3. OptimalBI’s VPC have several subnets.  Use either private-apps subnet unless you have good reason to do otherwise.  If you do use “private-apps” then the NAT will need to be running. Start the NAT from instances under EC2 in the AWS console.
  4. Check to see if there is a security group with the permissions that you need before starting the EC2 launch wizard.  If there is such a group, reuse it.  Otherwise create a group with the appropriate permissions before you starting the EC2 launch wizard.
  5. If you are trying out new software, use the smallest sized instance unless you know you need more. A t2.micro will be able to start any database or Java EE application.
  6. Tag your instance with:
    1. “Responsible” and your name.