Here we dump all the features we have built to date as we build them.

We are currently working on catching the documentation/list up with what we have already built, while we are still adding even more features.  So its highly likely there are more features in the current code than we list here.  Lets call them easter eggs for now, good hunting.

If we ever catch the feature list up, we will work on adding detailed pages for each feature.

If you see this light grey font, it means its a feature we know you may be looking for, or we have thought about, and we are stating upfront we haven’t built it yet.

ODE Foundation

  • 3CpO Multiple Language framework
    • Microsoft tSQL Code Gen and Code Exec
    • Oracle PL/SL Code Gen and Code Exec
    • Oracle ODI Code Gen and Code Exec
    • SAS Code Gen and Code Exec
    • R Code Gen and Code Exec
  • Graphical User Interface for creating configuration
  • Example code templates to programatically load configuration for:
    • Hubs
    • Satellites
    • Links

Source Layer

  • Will never be any features in this layer as ODE is not a source application

Time Variant Layer

  • Acquire data from multiple source applications
  • Calculate and apply deltas
  • Calculate and apply change data capture records
    (We use commercial CDC applications for this at the moment)

Raw Vault Layer

Business Vault Layer

  • Add or Remove columns using configuration tables
  • Transform data by calling an SQL procedure
  • Loading a satellite will automatically generate a hub
  • Links will be automatically generated from the raw vault

In the Reporting Layer

  • Create a Dimension view using the data in business vault
    (although we have some code that does this)
  • Create a Fact view using the data in business vault
    (although we have some code that does this)
  • Pivot a star schema into a denormalised table

Semantic Layer

  • No features planned, we recommend you use the features in your Business Intelligence tools