1. Install SourceTree.
  2. Clone the development branch of the origin repository.
  3. Create a feature branch.
  4. Perform the standard good practises:
    1. discuss the requirement with the requestor of the user story,
    2. agree to acceptance criteria,
    3. write down the design,
    4. review the design,
    5. automate the acceptance criteria,
    6. write some unit tests.
  5. Add, commit, and push the feature branch with the tests to origin putting the JIRA link into the commit message (both for communication and backup).
  6. Continue test driven development, committing and pushing frequently.
  7. When you think you are done:
    1. rebase the feature branch to development,
    2. issue a pull request.
    3. The pull request triggers and documents the code review.
    4. If the code review passes, write the user guide for the feature.
    5. Get user acceptance.
    6. If the user acceptance passes, augment the as-built and support manual.
  8. Merge the feature branch into development:
    1. rebase the feature branch to development again,
    2. accept and merge the pull request putting the JIRA link into the commit message.