Once you have DBFit and Jenkins installed and running on the same server, the integration is simple.

  1. Open a browser to jenkins
  2. Go to the Jenkins job that you want to integrate and click configure, or copy a previous one, or create a new freestyle job.
  3. Click “Add build Step” and select “execute fitNesse test”
  4. Click “FitNesse instance is already running”
  5. For “fitnesse host” enter localhost and your port, probably 8085
  6. Give the name of your target suite
  7. Check “Is target a suite?”
  8. For “Path to fitnesse xml results file” put any name you want in /tmp. This is a bit of a hack but it’s not as though we intend to be running other work on this virtual machine. I used /tmp/<test Suite Name>.xml
  9. Click “Add post-build action” and Select “Publish fitness results report”
  10. Enter the same path that you used as “Path to fitnesse xml results file”
  11. Save”Build now” to test