ODE uses “Source Tables”, in Configuration, to represent Staged Data to be loaded.

This Staged Data could be an extract of Raw data from a Source System, or the result of Rule Processing, probably created by a Stored Procedure.

The key of the Source Table is recorded against all data, which is loaded into the Vault.

When rules change, it is desirable to be able to audit the different versions of the rule over time.

One method of doing this is the “Version” the Source Table to represent the new Rule(s).

To do this, you need to create a new Source Table in Configuration, which replaces the old one in all ways (hooked up to the same Columns, Hierarchies and Schedules).

The “Old” source table is effectively orphaned, but remains as a reference for the data in the Vault.

All new data which is processed will refer to the new Source Table.

The New source table can then be developed to suit the new rule(s).

The following Script does the necessary work: