This article describes how to create link in earlier versions of ODE. Use the most recent scripts for the latest versions.

The following is a sample script, which will do all the necessary work to create a Link and Satellite combination with minimal effort and fiddling with Configuration.
In addition, the script can be set to add a Satellite to an existing Link.
Modify this script as required to suit the standards of your installation.
The script requires a Stage Table to exist, which it uses to obtain the necessary meta data for creating all Configuration details.
It expects a Schedule and a suitable Source System to exist in your Configuration (there are example snippets for creating these in the script).
Further, it will create a Release for the Satellite (and if there is one, the Hub), to simplify releasing the newly created Configuration to Test / Production.
Note that the script will create all the necessary Configuration, but it doesn’t create the Link and Satellite table(s) in the Vault.
The last part of the script produces a set of useful scripts which can be used to:
•Create the Tables
•Populate the tables
•Select from the tables to check that they have been created and populated as expected.

The Code can be found at: