ODE can be configured with a number of databases and schemas. Our standard approaches are as follows:

MS SQL Server

Our existing ODE deployments on SQL Server use several databases and schemas.

  1. ODE_Config
  2. ODE_Stage or ODE_Raw_Stage, with schema “stage”. Tables, views and stored procedures are named <application>__<schema>__<table>
  3. ODE_Raw, with schemas hub, lnk, and sat. The tables are named <application>__<schema>__<table>
  4. ODE_Business_Stage, with schema “stage”. Only Raw Vault data could be processed here, e.g. business rules are applied.
  5. ODE_Business, with schemas hub, lnk, and sat.
  6. ODE_Reporting

It makes sense to keep separate staging databases for raw and business rules logic.


Oracle still has a 30 character limit on object names, so we can’t name the raw vault tables with the multi-part names.

In Oracle we use a set of schemas in a single database:

  1. ode_config
  2. one ode_arrival_<source> per source.
  3. one ode_raw_<source> per source
  4. ode_business
  5. ode_reporting