The following is a sample script, which will do all the necessary work to create a Hub and Satellite combination with minimal effort and fiddling with Configuration.

In addition, the script can be set to add a Satellite to an existing Hub.

Modify this script as required to suit the standards of your installation.

The script requires a Stage Table to exist, which it uses to obtain the necessary metadata for creating all Configuration details.

It expects a Schedule and a suitable Source System to exist in your Configuration (there are example snippets for creating these in the script). This script will add source table to the schedule. If the source table has dependencies on other Data Vault tables to be executed first, hierarchy should be added manually.

Further, it will create a Release for the Satellite (and if there is one, the Hub), to simplify releasing the newly created Configuration to Test / Production.

Script outputs every step of the execution. It includes hub and satellite keys, list of columns, schedule record etc. These may be required in case of further modifications to configured objects. Otherwise most of the output could be ignored.

Note that the script will create all the necessary Configuration, but it doesn’t create the Hub and Satellite table(s) in the Vault.

The last part of the script produces a set of useful scripts which can be used to:

  • Create the Tables in the Data Vault
  • Populate the tables by manual one-off load
  • Select from the tables to check that they have been created and populated as expected.

The script can be found at:


You may also want to check articles about retaining the business key on the satellite, creating calculated fields and how to version business rules.