Steps described in this article are only applicable to earlier versions of ODE. Use the latest version for better ODE experience.

Satellites are the “Meat” of an ODE Warehouse.

They contain the real Data that gets loaded, in a fully Audited, Versioned form.

Each Satellite must belong to either a single Hub or a single Link. They cannot exist in isolation.

Each Satellite needs a single data source, which may be simply a table provided by an outside (non ODE) mechanism, or the result of some Logic.

A single data source may feed multiple Satellites, provided that the satellites are owned by the same Hub or Link.

ODE Config Logical Model - Sat Focus

To define the Satellite:

{Configuration Database}. [dbo].[dv_satellite_insert]


  • @hub_key – If the Satellite is owned by a Hub, the Key of the Hub, otherwise zero.
  • @link_key – If the Satellite is owned by a Link, the Key of the Link, otherwise zero.
  • @link_hub_satellite_flag – “H” or “L”, depending on
  • @satellite_name – Logical Name of the Satellite
  • @satellite_abbreviation – 4 character artefact of ODE. You can define this manually or use “SELECT [dbo].[fn_get_next_abbreviation] ()” to generate one.
  • @satellite_schema – Schema where the Satellite will exist – e.g. “sat”.
  • @satellite_database – Database where the Satellite will exist e.g. “ODE_Vault”.
  • @duplicate_removal_threshold – if set to greater than zero, the Satellite load will eliminate as may keys, which appear more than once in the load, as allowed by this limit. The keys will be reported in the error log for correction later.
  • @is_columnstore – If set to 1, the table will be created as a Columnstore Table, otherwise it will be a conventional Relational Table.
  • @is_retired – Indicates whether the Source System is in use – 0 means in use, 1 means retired. This attribute is documentary only.
  • @release_number – If you want the new Key  to be part of a specific release, provide the Release Number. If not, Zero.


EXECUTE [dbo].[dv_satellite_insert]
@hub_key = 98
,@link_key = 0
,@link_hub_satellite_flag = 'H'
,@satellite_name = 'Customer'
,@satellite_abbreviation = 's001'
,@satellite_schema = 'sat'
,@satellite_database = 'ODE_Vault'
,@duplicate_removal_threshold = 0
,@is_columnstore = 1
,@is_retired = 0
,@release_number = 20150001

Configure a New Data Source