ODE has a set of processes for Packaging Configuration Data and migrating it to other environments.

This is a “Tight” release system – it uses the internal ODE Object Identifiers (Object keys) in order to apply Configuration to the next environment.

This means that the Environments need to have the same Object Identifiers.

For this system to work, it is not advisable to build any Configuration in Destination Environments.

All Configuration needs to be built in a Development Environment and promoted using the ODE tools.

A Typical Release Process would look like:

Release Process


ODE Provides a number of Procedures to assist with Releasing Configuration Data.

  1. Register a Release in ODE

Process: {Configuration Database}.[dv_release].[dv_release_master_insert]


  • Provide a Release Number according to your own design;
  • Provide a Reference for the Release (for example to a Jira Task);
  • Provide a Context for the Reference (for Example “Jira”).


2. Build a Release

Process: {Configuration Database}.[dv_release].[dv_build_release_config]


  • For a selected Release Number, Build a set of “Merge” Statements;
  • These Statements are held in a Release Table, Ready to be ported to the next environment and applied.


3. Export the Release to a File

Process: {Configuration Database}.[dv_release].[dv_export_release_file]


  • For a selected Release Number, Export the components of the release to a File in the Operating System.


4. Import a Release File

Process: {Configuration Database}.[dv_release].[dv_import_release_file]


  • Imports a Release File into the Release Structure for a Vault.


5. Apply a Release

Process: {Configuration Database}.[dv_release].[dv_apply_release_config]


  • For a Selected Release Number, applies the Release to the Environment.
  • Note that this process does NOT delete any Configuration from the destination database. Physical deletes need to be done manually.


Check step-by-step manual on how to do an incremental release here and how to do a full release here.