What is ODE?

ODE stands for Optimal Data Engine.

It is an open source application that can be used to build an automated data warehouse environment.

The core of ODE is built around the Data Vault approach.

How do I find out more about ODE?

Get started by understanding the 3CpO framework we have developed to enable ODE to run on multiple technology platforms.

Then have a browse through the different data layers that you need in your Data Warehouse and the ones ODE can automate for you.

Next you will probably want to look at the epic list of features we have baked into ODE.

How do I install and use ODE?

The install article has everything you need to know. This website contains a lot of information on how to use ODE for building Data Vaults. Use this page to navigate through the wiki.

Is there a GUI?

No.  At the moment you need to know how to use code to use ODE (knowing how to model a Data Vault isalos probably a good idea)

We create helper scripts to assist with configuring ODE and publish them on GitHub here.

At some stage we wil create a GUI, we have a design in mind.  But as our goal will be to create one with a awesome UX and maybe a Machine Learning helper engine underneath we might need to find funding and that would mean we would have to make the GUI a licensed option.  (The core of ODE would of course stay open source)

Who develops and supports ODE?

ODE is developed by OptimalBI, a New Zealand based Business Intelligence services company.  We develop and enhance it while using it in anger with our customers.

It is published as open source code, which means users of ODE can also contribute to its development.

Commercial support is available for ODE from OptimalBI if your organisation requires it.




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